We Outspoken

We Outspoken

We Outspoken

Punk, Rock, Alternative
From: Toronto, ON, Canada

Band Members

  • Anthony Mascarin - Vocals/Guitar
  • LeX AfFecT - Drums
  • J.D - Bass

About Band

Amalgamated from the pop punk movement, that brought majestic bands to the music scene, united four ubiquitous musicians, who have been creating unassailable music for over seven years.

Members: Anthony Mascarin - Vocals/ Guitar, LeX AfFecT - Drums, and J.D -Bass have it all; the strength, the artfully shrewdness and clever means to achieve their main goal of turning their dreams into reality. Not just making music a past time but making it a career.
We Outspoken corroborate that they maintain a fervently independent status with themselves as they believe that if they did not they would lose hold of the art and craft of their music.
Voluminous amounts of bands give up on their dreams and fall short of motivation and perseverance that keeps them pushing against all obstacles that come crashing down while striving to make it in the music industry like money, failure and ego.
We Outspoken are familiar with these challenges but have managed to move past them, not only as stronger musicians and individuals but, as businessmen. They maintain a strong work ethic that only gets better with each passing day, proving “even the minnows outnumber the sharks a million to one.”
The guys of We Outspoken see through the gimmick that the industry tries to sell to young, upcoming bands. Proving that today one must get rid of the norm and create their very own, which is exactly what We Outspoken are doing; making it all happen for themselves.
On a twenty four/seven basis We Outspoken promotes their band in such an indomitable fashion that leaves a mark for them, as musicians, and as an indomitable self-managed band.
These guys have accomplished a great deal while doing everything themselves; no management, just four determined musicians. They have been featured in two international and domestic magazines Canada’s Faze Magazine and Germany’s Outspoken Magazine, along with being on three international domestic CD compilations {HIV Yellow Head Comp, Pop-Punk Comp, and CBC/Tea Volume Comp.}
They have created their very own company Outspoken Entertainment proving that "you are nothing without a good business prospective." We Outspoken has also managed to get their latest CD Hear We Go… released in HMV record stores across the country.
But that is not all, they have also put together shows where they’ve played and toured with The Ataris, whom they personally view as “Rock Stars” and have played an unforgettably staggering show with one of Canada’s greatest, Gob. They have also managed to set the energy at an all-time high when opening for Die Mannequin, Pennywise and having toured all over, most recently in California. We Outspoken had an "asstastic" radio interview in Los Angeles on The Jason Ellis Show as well.
With every dream they chase and every goal they seize this independent pop-punk band with a twist of alternative indie rock, holds the potential to help fans fall back in love with music, as they rock for all the right reasons. They stay in-tuned with themselves and their dreams with no intentions of selling-out. Their musicianship, dedication, astonishing talent, mind-blowing potential, and ambition and business knowledge of the industry puts them on the horizon for greatness; making music history.

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Website: www.weoutspoken.com

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