Alternative, Industrial, Grunge
From: Stourbridge, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Nick J.Townsend - Vocals/guitars
  • Neel Parmar - Drums
  • Wesley Smith - Bass Guitar

About Band

WEAK13 is a British industrial / metal / grunge act, founded in 1999 by Nick J.Townsend in Kidderminster, United Kingdom. Inspired by 1980's Video Nasties, Underground music, Comic books, The Grunge and 90's music scene and real life. Each song is a different story. Lyrics about loved ones who have passed away, songs about the future, death, life, survival, friendship, love, hate and positive thinking. All the guitars on all the recordings are played using strange dark low tunings. WEAK13 is any style Nick J.Townsend wants to be. From Industrial Metal fused with death metal guitars to Dark electro beats entwined with Low tuned acoustic guitars. WEAK13 is every form of music in it's rawest form. There is a song for everyone. As its main singer, producer, songwriter, and instrumentalist, Townsend is the only official member of WEAK13 and remains solely responsible for its musical and artistic direction. WEAK13's music is every genre with metal overtones. Townsend recruits a live band to perform with him on stage after recording WEAK13 material. WEAK13 when playing LIVE is 'Nick J.Townsend' (Vocals/Guitar), 'Wesley Smith' (Bass) and 'Neel Parmar' (Drums). Nick J.Townsend breaks as many rules as possible. Wanted feedback, dark subjects, erratic song structure, raw sounds, one take recordings, surreal ideas and hook lines that you will never forget. There is only one WEAK13 but there are many sounds. Nick J.Townsend is a British underground musician, singer and multi-instrumentalist. He operates under the studio name WEAK13. To book or contact WEAK13: 07898 181 574 MYSPACE http://www.myspace.com/weak13music TWITTER http://www.twitter.com/weak13 YOUTUBE http://www.youtube.com/nickweak13

SONGS & TUNINGS: Weak13 use a variety of strange low-guitar tunings, unorthodox riffs and dark sounds for every song. Every Weak13 song is different. The lyrics written by Nick J.Townsend are always filled with subliminal messages, personal experiences and harsh reality, always taking full advantage of poetic freedom. No subject is out of bounds. Weak13 make sure the music is as free-sounding as possible, often doing recordings in one-take in order to capture their live sound. In some cases audio mistakes are purposely left in on the final mix of Weak13 recordings, Nick J.Townsend often prefers out-of-tune-parts to make a song more to his liking, leaving in bits that most artists wouldn't dare do. Fan favourites such as 'Prouder Than U (1 & 2), 'WakeDown', 'I Name Myself', 'When U say When', 'Death Machine', Kind To Be Cruel', 'Prouder Than U' and 'The All Seeing I' have all created controversy and acclaim within the hearts and minds of many for different reasons. A Weak13 recording is always deep in meaning and thought provoking. The music is heavily inspired by art, manily British horror comic 'SCREAM'. Comic strips such as 'Thirteenth Floor' (art by Jose Ortiz), 'Manix', 'Doomlord' (By John Wagner, Alan Grant and Italian artist Heinzl), 'The Amstor Computer' (Eagle Comics), 'Deaths Head' & 'Dragons Claws' (art by Geoff Senior) have inspired many Weak13 songs.

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