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Note that Uberlulu is a multi-genre band. All our albums are very different each other, so if you dislike what your hear, don't give up ! Maybe you'll hate another track...

What we play ?

Holy/Unsane/Chill/Space/Synthetic music.

I think the thread of all of our releases is an experimental/psychedelic/naive approach of music.


To make a long story short,  the uncommon story of Uberlulu started in 1900 and some, at the birth of Martin Lulu, somewhere in the Kentucky. His father was a simple farmer, his mother was a goat. I mean this is what the legend tells.

At the age of 8, Martin received the Nobel Price of science for his "Theory Of The Stool". After that he begans to learn botany, to become a fervent defender of vegetable's rights.

He founded the nudist activist organization "Uberlulu" with friends : Mr.O (optician), Igor Pinski (Communist Hippie), and Nobert Dypil (doctor). The group started with controversial actions like letting go the animals of zoos, or fireing the annual congress of vegetarian truckers.

Uberlulu was finally arrested and Martin & his friends were said mentally disturbed. They were condemned to psychiatric hospital, where they discovered chemical drugs, and started to make music.

So, between two sessions of electrochocs, Uberlulu recorded in 2005 its first album : Déjà Fou.

But the new musicband didn't want to spend anymore time between these gloomy walls, and escaped (this censored version of the biography don't allows me to tell the details) and since these events, Uberlulu devote its existence to music.


- Déjà Fou (2005)

- Cycle (2006)

- Lombric (2007)

- L.S.D (2007)

- Quelle remarquable quantité d'informations pour un si petit espace temps toutefois si haut en couleurs (2007)

- Un Jour, Quelque Part. OST (2007)

- Espace, Temps, Esotérisme & Compagnie (2007)

- l'Araignée Au Plafond (2008)

- Mais où est donc Ornicard (2008)

- Patriote (We Love The World) (2008)

- Tu ne le sais pas mais tu es déjà fou (2008)

- La Montagne (2008)

- Thit Is Pop (2008)

- Communiste (feat. Ivan 1984)

- "Bordel ! Désordre !" s'écria, hébété, le monarque devant son feu de cheminée (2009)

- Ave Maria (single)

- God Is Dead (feat. Daisylis & Ivan 1984)

- Paganisme Indien (2009)

- B-Side Ze Useless Mess (2009)

- Communiste (Instrumental)  (2009)
- La Fin du Paquet (single) (2009)
- Joyeux Noel EP (2009)

Most of our music is downloadable for free here :


Our albums are also available on CD , CD-R or tape (CD = 5€, CD-R or tape = free price) contact-us for more informations.

If you're a D.I.Y /non-profit label interested in releasing some of our stuff, just send us a mail.
If you're a distro and you wanna trade, it interest us.
If you're a band/artist and you want to make a split or a featuring with us, contact-us.

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