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Tim “TNM” MacKay is an independent rapper and producer born in Decatur, Georgia, who grew up in Birmingham, Alabama. His songs are mostly about personal issues, and through music he has tried to express the depth of his pained relationships and dark past. It is through music, he says, that “I hope to finally find a way to truly say exactly what it's like to be me. It might make me vulnerable to other rappers or to people who have beef with me, but I think that I've become much stronger because of things that's happened to me. Pain toughens the skin, even if it scars you inside." TNM's career has been almost completely as a solo artist, though he has collaborated with many local artists in Birmingham, as well as produced for other rappers and singers. TNM's music has also focused on Birmingham's social issues. The city has been ranked in the top ten nationally for crime for as long as anyone can remember. Last year, Birmingham was ranked 6th in murder for the U.S. "Why does Birmingham dip deeper into poverty every year?" TNM asks. "Sure, murder is declining slightly-but so is the city's population. Birmingham's going to die unless something changes." TNM’s music definitely has a political bent. He even interviewed now-indicted Mayor Langford on brutality in the Birmingham police department, and many of his songs discuss the human rights’ violations of that department, as well as their involvement in the local drug trade, despite a constant slur of criticism that the police have aimed at local gangs for similar crimes. Through rap, TNM hopes to find the opportunity to speak to as many people as possible on subjects political and personal, while expressing himself as a musician and all-around artist.

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