The Criminal Kid

The Criminal Kid

The Criminal Kid

Alternative, Progressive, Hard rock
From: Regina, SK, Canada

Band Members

  • Victor Roman - Guitar & Vocals
  • Jeremy Pilon - Bass & Vocals
  • Mike Van Betuw - Drums
  • Allysia Kerney - Lead Vocals



About Band

Four Kids from Regina SK ready to impress you with their criminally good intelligent rock vibes.  These kids will rock your socks off, steal your headphones and then spray-paint their tag on your musical soul.

The chemistry within The Criminal Kid has been strong since the first jam the four members ever had together.  Since then, the chemistry of this four-piece has constantly grown stronger and their unique rock sound quickly captures the attentions of their audiences.

The Criminal Kid will hit you hard with their driving guitars and powerful vocals.   They will make you dance with their upbeat drums and catchy lyrics.   They will calm you down with their well crafted melodies and heart-warming piano.  It is this well mastered control of dynamics and vast variety in songwriting that makes The Criminal Kid the must-see upcoming Canadian rock group.

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