Hip-Hop, Rap, Hardcore
From: Birmingham, AL, United States

Band Members

  • Lady L/Cane - CEO,Producer, Artist, Entertainer
  • Da Joka/Da Impossible - CEO, Artist, Entertainer

About Band

T2S(Threat 2 Society) is a Female Rap group consisting of Lady L a.k.a Cane, Da Joka a.k.a Da Impossible, both originating from da "derty south" Birmingham, Alabama. If not noticing by their looks, T2S is a group of the new millinium, which is what makes them a very special and talented group. Formed in the early year of 1996, Lady L noticed the chemestry, but yet, the different stlyes between the two of them and decided to invest in what is now known as the first "lesbian rap group", looking to share with the world their unique stlye, different look, and their experiences of life as "Studs" and the rest of the pride community; basically just being who they are. With amazing production, lyrical skills, songwriting skills, and performance skills, it is no secret that these two sothern women are ready to take the world by storm and maybe even shock, and we'll all soon know why they are labeled a "Threat 2 Society".

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Website: www.myspace.com/ladylproductionz

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