Stone Bone

Stone Bone

Stone Bone

Hard rock, Metal, Power pop
From: Jacksonville / St. Petersburg, FL, United States

Band Members

  • Joe Stiles - Drums / Lead vocals
  • Sean Tibbetts - Guitar / Vocals
  • Asim Kolakovich - Bass / Vocals

About Band

Bio: We Are Stone Bone!

Several years ago, drummer and lead singer Joe Stiles met Guitarist Sean Tibbetts. Sean and Joe immediately found a song-writting partnership. They have been on a mission to develop a distinct sound which they believe they have finally found after years of collaboration. Apx. a year and a half ago while looking for a bass player, Sean and Joe met Asim Kolakovic. Asim was fresh to the Americas and after ten minutes of jamming with Sean and Joe the two had realized they found what they were looking for. Joe says "I knew I had found my bass player, he was unreal, funky, and driving, always in the pocket. We just clicked." The band is currently working on a record in the studio titled "Blood On The Tracks." "We have so many songs to pull from, it is hard to figure out which ones to record first." With influences from Led Zeppelin to Ozzy- from Godsmack to Aerosmith and The Who- The song writing encompasses a variety of sounds. "We want to touch every person in the audience during at least onepoint throughout the show. We don't want to write in a little box, we want to touch multiple genres in every set."

Stone Bone Mission Statement.
To create a wall of sound unique to the Stone Bone philosophy of stadium rock that melts your face. Reminiscent of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath, with the hunger of Van Halen I and II, and the punch of Godsmack, but most importantly with the professional swagger of Aerosmith.
As for the writing, in the band's view song and melody are everything- "If it doesn't sound good on acoustic and singing, it is no good." "We like to use the studio as an instrument to get down the songs as best as we can, without going too far." "As a live three piece band, you have to put everything in the right place, not depending on gimmicks." "We want to write music that people can relate to, not writing in what is necessarily pop radio context, but writing music that speaks to the listener about life."


Venues Playayed:         The Pit                                      Jacksonville, Florida

                                          Jack Rabbits                          Jacksonville, Florida

                                          727 Lounge                            Jacksonville, Flordia

                                 The Land Shark Cafe           Jacksonville Bch, Florida

                                   Freebird Live                         Jacksonville Bch, Florida

                                         The Backstage Lounge        Gainesville, Florida

                                         Big Daddy's                             Tallahassee, Florida

                                         Dave's Aqua Lounge            St. Petersburg, Florida

                                         The Pegasus Lounge            Tampa. Florida

                                         MoJo's                                       Lakeland Florida

                                         Churchill's Pub                       Miami, Florida

                                        The Wormhole                         Savannah, Georgia

                                        The Roc Bar                             Jacksonville , Fl.

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