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Composed of harmonic melodies and deep tones of acoustic guitar, Maryland native TJ Campos devised the one-man-band, stateofgrace:). Portraying another side of rock with influences like Jason Mraz, John Mayer, Jack Johnson, and Incubus, he aims to give the public something calming but bold to listen to. A self-taught guitarist of over 6 years, he takes pride in his independence. His proud simplicity is evident in his music and so is his perseverance. Being a 19 year old musician presents many obstacles but through it all he continues to hold goals that support the idea that if one has enough drive and patience, anything can be accomplished, including making it in the music industry as a solo artist. Within just 2 months of establishing stateofgrace, his music was available for the public on iTunes [stateofgrace:)]. Experiencing not only the music making and recording process, TJ also endeavors to manage his advertising and strives to gain local support by means of online social networks that simplify connecting with fans. His work includes collaborations with CJ the Genesis among other well known local artists. He also provides an array of apparel for those wanting to wear their favorite band on their chest. Due in the fall of 2010, TJ releases his first EP that will swoon listeners and place him amongst the talented artists of the Maryland area thus fueling his start to national expansion.

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