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After a 20+ year hiatus, longtime folk singer Sammye Lynn has returned, this time as a composer/songwriter.

When not composing her own melodies, she still enjoys Folk and Traditional music. She is currently working on a new album and will be performing throughout the Pacific Northwest.

"I was scared of fame when I was a kid, but my perspective has changed over the years," she states. "Now it's all about the music. I'm not the greatest musician that ever walked the planet, but if my music makes just one person smile or feel good, that's the ultimate reward for me."

Her compositions are reflections of her life and experiences, past or present. She readily admits, "If I'm overwhelmed by the beauty of nature, I try to express what I see."

Such is the case with Mountainsong. It is music inspired by the majestic beauty and drama of the Cascade Mountains in Washington.

As she continues to experience life, so her experiences will be reflected in upcoming music that she hopes will lift the heart of the listener and leave them with a smile or a quiet peace.

Thank you all for listening.

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