Metal, Metalcore, Rock
From: Englewood, CO, United States

Band Members

  • Angel - Vocals
  • Sever - Lead Guitar
  • Venom - Rythm Guitar
  • Korpse - Bass Guitar
  • Texxx - Drums
  • Skitzo - Percussion

About Band

Relevent realizes the relevance of music in life. Every style of music has a place and fills a niche. And within each style there are bands that carve their own niches. Among those is Relevent, a band whose love for music and respect for its proper place make it, given the talent involved, a perfect purveyor of one of the music world's more aggressive styles. “Music is the heartbeat of life. Without music, there is no life. Can you think of one single day when you didn't listen to any music? How did your day go?” Whatever your answer to that question, once you hear Relevent, the music will become a necessary, a staple. You'll have to listen because, well, the music simply demands to be heard. Relevent is just that good.


Relevent is a unique blend of all genres of metal forged together with hatred of the idiosyncrasies in everyday life.  We’re not afraid to attack any subject matter and show you how we feel.  From the government to religion, we’ll hit home and punch you with a heavy shred of powerful sound.  There is one thing Relevent always remembers, “The fans are our bosses, and we aim to please.”



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