Rashard A Burke

Rashard A Burke

Rashard A Burke

Dance, R&B, Hip-Hop
From: Durham, NC, United States

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                                            Clap Productions Music/ Elements Entertainment

Welcome 2 Clap Productions Music this is a  building portfoilo of all the many artist I've worked with, and a portfoilo of Music I produced and clips from my album. Clap Productions is a home based music production company that was created in 1999 by me . I been producing music for about 7 years. I also am dance choeographer and Musical writer. I been dancing every since I was able to walk. The name of my dance group is called Elements Entertainment. Elements was created in 2005.

                                                          Instrumentally Confused: The Album  

 I am working on my first instrumental album called  "Instrumentally Confused " This album is a reflection of my thoughts, feelings and Emotions. The reason why I name the album "Instrumentally Confused " is because All the beats were created off different  emotional events that happened in my life from break ups to finding love, going through relationship problams, being accepted and becoming a man. What I want to happen when you listen to my music I want you to here my words and my emotions bleeding through the kicks in the snares.

                                                                           About Rashard:

Rashard was born in Jersey City, NJ its was when he moved to Durham, North Carolina is were he discoverd how multitalanted he really was. Rashard got his first shot dancing solo at a city wide talented show at the local downtown theater, durham's pride in joy "The Carolina Thearter."Rashard danced to a song preformed by Micheal Jackson off his 2001 release Invisable. Soon as the song began the crowd jump out of there seats in ran to the stage and screamed and cheered for him. It was at that very momment he knew it was his destiny to preform. After that preformace he contunied to preform at every local and community event that was held he became the go to guy. Rashard joined a local dance company shorty after 2001 it was at The Walltown Childern's Theather he learned ballet , Jazz and modren dance and was introduce to some of the best dancers that Durham had to offer. Its was at the Walltown Theater were he preformed his second biggest solo " Cry Me A River" by Justin Timberlake. After that preformance it was when he wanted to venture off into another form of dance, choreography. It was in 2002 he joined a local record company call Phatuim Music & Video as a Choregrapher, Singer and Song writer for for local artist in Durham. It was there were he found an abitily he didn't know he had. Rashard was able to produce music never was given the chance though, so he started a home base label called Clap Productions. Its During this time he started exploring all forms music such as dance , song writing, choreography ,stage production , music production and singing. In 2004 Rashard Started his own dance group called Just Dance Entertainment it was a hip hop and modern dance. The group was formed by Rashard Burke and Aundrea Stagger for Durham Park Rec 's Lyons Park Center its there he formed  the biggest teen program in Durham, North Carolina thanks to freinds and family like Neal Moore, Rasheed Johnson, Micheal Brown, Sharita Richerson and the director of Lyon Park Jeff Ford. Rashard left the program in 2006 to venture off into new things. In 2007 Rashard started another local dance group call "Elements Entertianment" with help of new family and friends like Bonita Richerson the group is on it way to do big things they currentlly have a show in the works called " Dark Water" Its a Gothic hip hop and modern dance show. In the works in 2007 Rashard First Instrumental album Called " Instrumentally Confused" Due to by realeasd in later 2007. Their is no telling what Rashard will do next so keep your eye on him he Might Be the Next Big HIT!!!!  


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