Psycho Killaz

Psycho Killaz

Psycho Killaz

Rap, Hardcore, Other
From: Fort Walton Beach, FL, United States

Band Members

  • Murda 1 - Death Rapper
  • Loki - Death Rapper
  • Krazee - Death Rapper

About Band

The Psycho Killaz was created by Psycho C back in 1998. It started out with him and his homie, Bobbin. It was more of a dream than anything, seeing as how they didn't do shit with it. Songs were written, but no access to a studio was ever gained. Then Bobbin moved to Detroit cuz he got banned from every school in the county for bringing a big ass survival knife to school with plans of gutting some kid. Then came along Kenny...later to be known as Kude Da Addict. He found out that Kenny was lyrically talented with the pen and paper like a mofo. He told him of his dream of the Psycho Killaz. Instantly it became his dream also. But just like Psycho C and Bobbin....they didnt really do shit about it. Then about a year and a half later, they met Anthony...who they dubbed the name Krazee, for all the obvious reasons. Krazee attached to the PK like a fat kid with a Butterfinger. He was down as fuck with the whole thing and repped the shit like no other. They settled that Kude and Krazee were gonna be the ones who rapped, because Psycho C can't flow for shit. Now they went as far as to practicing in Krazees garage just about every chance they got. On Devils Night (thats Halloween for you slow asses out there), the owner of The Swamp was gonna let them perform on stage. The PK was finally going to happen. Boom! Krazee gets busted by cops and ends up in jail for 90 days. Fuck! Opportunity is missed over some dumb shit, for real! So the PK went dormant. At least on Psycho C and Krazees part. They didn't talk about it for a good 8 months. Then out of nowhere, Kude tells Psycho C, Yo man, the Psycho Killaz...Ive been working my ass off on songs. I got songs out the ass. I got a homie who can get free studio time, I got another homie who can slap down beats for us, pressing and distribution. I got it all nigga, and with or without Krazee, Im gonna fuckin make this happen. FUCKS YEAH! Psycho C and Krazee were slacking off....caught up in the bullshit of their lives. Then in December of 03, they meet Will, who goes by the name Loki AKA Tha Whiteness. (He was dubbed Tha Whiteness by some black folks during one of his visits to jail, because this kid would out freestyle 99% of the guys in there.) Over a game of pool, Psycho C told this kid about the PK and to his surprise, he was actually a rapper doin his own shit in his town. He spit a little fire and right away it was apparent this kid had fucking talent and C knew in his heart Loki could make this shit happen. Hands down! The shine of the PK butcher knife would soon take him in. He wanted to be a part of the PK. His psycho freestlyes and killa flows were home sweet home. (This is when Kude dropped his spot and decided to help manage things along with Psycho C) So the Psycho Killaz...after about 5 years of giving finally motha fuckin born and on a swift roll. Krazee ran into Murda 1 and he has his own studio so we started doing shit over there. He was a big part in all the shit and is a huge fan of horrorcore, so we endited him into the PK. Theres where the third member, Murda 1 came in. He basically made this shit where it is now by being a good homie and working on alot of the songs and being a comitted soul to the horrorcore genre. He set up an account on soundclick and the Psycho Killaz was poppin off on that bitch. Within a few weeks, the PK hit number 1 on the charts and hit the list for being one of the best unsinged bands on soundclick. It was for a short period of time, but it was enough to let us know that people were recognizing the Psycho Killaz. To date, the PK has done 4 official concerts in 2005, aquired professional equipment to make better sounding songs, and gained the respect of many people who are down as fuck with it! A small dream growing fastly into an accomplishment! Be on the lookout for the Psycho Killaz first official CD release in 2006. These mother fuckers are putting their blood and sweat into this album. Guaranteed to be a Horrorcore classic! You haven't seen nothing me.

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