Negligent Manners

Negligent Manners

Negligent Manners

Electronica, Ambient, World
From: Birmingham, AL, United States

About Artist

Negligent Manners is a Downtempo Breaks producer from Birmingham Alabama. He began producing House in 2004 and slowly has shifted to the Downtempo Breaks genre over the last 3 years. Negligent Manners is currently collaborating with DJ Oneel from BTU Records in a side project for both producers under the name Aesias Finale’.

Negligent Manners style derives from growing up listening to Euro-Pop/New Wave music in the early 90's to his heavy involvement in the mid to late 90's underground electronic music scene. His style can be described as Downtempo Electronica and even have a taste for breaks at times. Often you can hear atmospheres from everyday life used in his music. This trait can be seen by his use of everything from children playing outside to a family having dinner. This is the main focus for his album entitled " Terraformed Tonality " which will be released in May 2008.

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