Progressive, Death Metal
From: Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of

Band Members

  • Ali Esfahani - Compose Musics & Guitars
  • Vahid Esfahani - Bass
  • Shahin Jebeli - - Drums

About Band

In  2001 , “Ali Esfahani” , “Babi R” & “Mazdak S” , started their cooperation in music band with  genre of metal. the band was named  "Mordab". "Babi" and "Mazdak" were playin’ guitar and “Ali” was  vocals and sound engineer and mixer .

In 2002 , they wrote and recorded an album, which one o’ the songs was submitted in “Tehran  Avenue” ‘s website  for competition  , but the album wasn’t registered and published, so “Mordab” ‘s activity was halted , due to Mazdak’s separation  from the band and Babi’s cooperation with another band , but Ali continued his playing electric guitar  hence .

After 2 years “Vahid Esfahani” & “Arya Arjmandi” decided to assist in a metal band, based on negotiation with Ali, and then with the approval of all, starting Mordab’s activity was confirmed. Vahid was  a bass guitar player and Arya , as an electric guitar player, and started workin’ in their own position .

After a while, “Pedram” joined the band as a drummer and in the winter of 2004, Mordab restarted its work .

In the summer of 2005 , after locating a proper place , the band’s members started practicing and preparing their demo album (first) and then official album (2’nd). After making Mordab’s official website , 2 songs were written and recorded as a demo ,  which were presented for downloading in the form of industrial ( no vocals) .

In march of 2006 , Arya separated from Mordab and the band’s activity was stagnant due to a lot of problems .

In the summer of 2006 , with joining of “Arash Eivani”  (creator of the band “necrophilia” since 1997)  to the band as a lyric man and vocals & back rhythm guitar player , Mordab is passing its own path more professionally and seriously.

In the fall of 2006 , “Arash” , “Ali” & “Vahid” have achieved on creating their 1’st demo album called : In to the Mordab , Submitted on the official site of MORDAB which contained 5 songs for downloading . MORDAB’s 1’st demo album did stimulate many people’s applaud ! and was d.l.ed from everywhere , all around the world .

In the first days of 2007 , “Pedix” abandoned the band due to private problems and became the most significant reason of not presenting live concert . meanwhile , one of demoe’s song was remastered and remixed .

At the beginning of 2008 , Mordab was prosperous with the 2’nd album - Darker Than Grave – which proved our music to be more professional and authentic . The album was recorded in an equipped studio ( specialized to metal music ) belonged to one o’ our dude which successfully covered our 1’st demo’s weak points in terms of sound quality and etc.
Darker Than Grave consisted of 6 songs in the genre of Progressive Death Metal , absorbing the energies of our fan’s appreciation and like our 2006 demo , that Hell encircled one psychotic and depressive song intrinsically .
After our second album’s birth , Mordab made up its mind to play and rehearse the songs lively ,
so Arash Moghadam joined us as a drummer for the likely n’ forthcoming live concerts , and we started practicing in the studio to feel the increment and progress of our adroitness ....

As we were passing the last days of December , Mordab and two Iranian metal bands were invited to Metal Front Festival which was an annual festival for metal bands’ live concert , taking place in Republic of Armenia . The exact date was on December 26 and 25 , 2008 .
More than 13 divergent bands from miscellaneous european countries such as the Netherlands , Russia and Republic of Armenia were invited to the aforesaid festival , and it was Melechesh at the top o’ the list which was dazzling the eyes . That concert was indeed our first live , and in fact our first experience which we accomplished very well and acceptable . Mordab was the second band (after Melechesh) according to the votes & reports , and the festival manager’s –Aramazd- declaration .
Arash Moghadam was not able to accompany us in Metal Front Festival due to an accident , so Koryun Boobikian gave us his almighty hand as the best drummer of Armenia . Again n’ again we long to gift our purest acknowledgement to this buddy .

In 2009 , Mordab decided to create the third album more professionally , and Shahin Jebely joined us as a permanent drummer . Our forthcoming album (third album) will be published with a label and a company and sponsor will be definitely supporting us .

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