Alternative, Hard rock, Hardcore
From: birmingham, AL, United States

Band Members

  • Eli - Guitars
  • Nick - Guitars
  • Beef - Low End
  • Davos - Drums & Percussion
  • Paul - Vox

About Band

From out of the vast pool of “It all sound the same to me” Music of today,
Emerges the head turning Aggressive rock sound of a group bound and determined to change the face of music, as we know it today. Mindtrip, without a doubt the greatest Mix of talent, drive, musicianship and energy to charge up the music world to date. This fresh mixture of hard-drivin’ riffs and rhythms paired with unbelievable hooks and Melodies is a texture all to its own. The Alabama natives, achieve a new twist on rock, which is a direct product of hardwork and determination of it Five members, five musicians not afraid to be set apart from the rest and merge the sounds of many Different influences and most of all there own personal creative visions.

With success of there 2005 “Stand Your ground” 17 song debut CD, the boys of Mindtrip Knew they had a tough act to follow. In early 2007 Mindtrip began tracking a follow up EP with renown producer/musician Corey Lowery and Sound engineer Jeff Woods at Lighthouse Trax. Lowery bassist for major label recording artist, Stuck Mojo, Stereomud and Dark New Day aided Mindtrip in achieving there goal.

With a new powerful EP under there belt and an explosive stage show to match Mindtrip is well on its way to attaining its goal and dominating the music scene with an undeniably expressive sound. Mindtrip brings with it, a fan base stretching along the east coast, and continues to grow with each show they perform.

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