Method X

Method X

Method X

Metal, Experimental, Hard rock
From: Birmingham, AL, United States

Band Members

  • Evan Hammersticks - Drums
  • Lord Hilgendorf - Guitar
  • Mr. Smith - Guitar
  • Psycho Johnny - Bass
  • Christoph - Vocals

About Band

Method X is the brainchild of former Delirium bassist Johnny “Psycho” Salter. In the summer of 2006, he called in former Delirium members’ guitarist Matt Smith and vocalist Christoff Neal to start a new project. Neal and Smith had made a name for themselves while playing in their post Delirium project Chaos Method and were idle after their last endeavor with the Godsey brothers Hollis and Chris, 13 and a Half. Needing a drummer, Matt Smith called up his former drummer, Chris Godsey who had just gotten back to Birmingham from a stint in New Orleans.

Then, Godsey called on a second guitarist Eric Hilgendorf who had played with Seasonal Mishap and Until Proven to beef up the sound they had developed. Singer, Chris Neal had to bow out for scheduling conflicts that kept the band from rehearsing, so guitarist Eric Hilgendorf called up his former vocalist from Until Proven, Shane Swann. The band then branded itself Method X and started playing shows around the Southeast.


A year into it, inter-band conflicts forced drummer Chris Godsey to depart. They then found the former Delirium drummer and old friend Evan Ray, who had a long stint in the successful band Frankie and the Suicide Serial Killers. Method X went on without missing a beat, gaining notoriety for their unique style of heavy metal and their chaotic live shows. But, at the same time, the band was quickly gaining unwanted infamy for the short fuse of its front man Shane Swann. When the four other member’s fuses ran out in the beginning of 2008, Swann was relieved of his duties as the lead singer of Method X.


Shortly after Swann’s departure, they were approached by former Seasonal Mishap singer Jason P. A very talented vocalist , Jason fit the band well and they were back in the swing of things in no time. They played throughout the summer and retained their earlier following while gathering more that had been turned off by the antics of the previous singer. Then, just when Method X seemed to be on the cusp of breaking out and they had weathered all the cliché metal band problems, the most cliché bump in the road knocked them off their tracks when the newest member, singer Jason P., succumbed to drug addiction. And in late 2008, four of the other members, bassist Johnny “Psycho” Salter, drummer Evan “Hammersticks” Ray, guitarists Matt “Mr.” Smith and Eric “Lord” Hilgendorf, made the hard decision to part ways with their third front man in 2 years. They had to cancel a huge show when they parted ways with Jason P. and had the next gig booked for a national Battle of the Bands in February of 2009. Knowing that in the public’s eye, backing out of the B.O.T.B would put the last nail in Method X’s coffin, Smith called on the original singer, Christoff Neal to fill the void.


 Neal, who kept in contact with his old Delirium band mates through the years, agreed to come out of self imposed “retirement” to help out his good friends through the battle of the bands. That was in January 2009, only a month away from the show. With constant rehearsing and a looming time table, tensions built up to a crescendo between the old friends all the way up to the Battle of the Bands. But, when they took the stage on February 15th, 2009 something snapped and the patch work quintet from Birmingham came alive. Rocking the large crowd and winning the competition along with hoards of new Method X fans that they had been depleted during their hiatus. After the successful Battle of the Bands, vocalist Chris Neal and the rest of the band came to an agreement that he would stay on as the front man for Method X.

Not long after that triumph, drummer and long time friend Evan Ray exited the band citing irreconcilable differences. Method X have since recruited the veteran heavy metal drummer Scott Parsons and are stronger than ever before.

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