Kracka Pete

Kracka Pete

Kracka Pete

From: Miami, FL, United States

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Born in N.Y.1981 raised in Dade County, Miami, Fl(1986-2007+). Naranja is where my family posted for a while to be exact. Before that we lived in a couple different areas in Dade. Like the Grove, North Miami,also spent alot of time at my aunts in hialeah . I can't recall this one area I used to live in because around this time I was mauled by a dog. I was 8 years old, and I had to have around 150 stitches and 20 staples. My older Brother Brian aka killer B saved my life and got the dog off me then he took me home. When he got me to the house my mom lost it and immediately broke down. I remember The cops and the ambulance getting there fast, but everyone was more amazed the way pops got there so fast. When he got there he was freaked the fuck out, my brother, and mom were just shattered. I felt so bad for causing so much pain and worry to my family.1 thing I would never be able to question there love for me. By my side every day in the hospital, I ask god every day not to ever see those expressions that were on there faces. The pain, hurt, and never to have the ability to actually understand what they were going through. So I made jokes, smiled, and laughed it was my only way to let them know that everything was gonna be alright. Their support let me know that,  never to give up,and to also always look for the light no matter how dark it may be. Out the hospital not too sure how long I was actually in for. Doctors orders were to stay out the sun for atleast a couple of months.(see your boy ain't too good with dates I live every day for today). Plus you already should know Life don't stop. Just imagine the hole it put in my mother, and fathers life financially, and mentally. It is what is, and I still got along way to go. Now about school I've been to a couple of them. Whether it was my fault or just the relocation process. My parents were always bustin their ass to keep us striaight and better our sitiuation. Good student atleast when it came to grades.  TO BE TO CONTINUED/

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