Joey Pops

Joey Pops

Joey Pops

Hip-Hop, Rap
From: deer park, NY, United States

About Artist

Hey, sup people. I am an unsigned white artist. I rap and sing. Im trying to get people to take me serious which no seem to does until they hear my music. I want to get siged even if it's an independant record label.  turned down two offers a lil while and im kicking my self in the ass for it.... I am a drop for various reasons.

My Life

When I was younger me and my mom and two brother were almost put on the street my mom and dad got divorced he didt give a shit so he let the house go in forclosure instead of seling because he didnt need the money. My god farther died because he got aids from doing drugs my father hated him. Me i still miss him till this day. My oldest brother who is 32 got arested and was suppose to do like 30 years in jail for dealing alot of drugs etc. My middle brother has down sydrom and my mom currently has cancer my dad lives in miller place and owns his own body shop and doesnt help out. My whole life i struggled to fin my identity between being a sports player and having the mets look at me which i lost and just really trying to find out who I really am. I never really had a full family one to show me love. Don't get me wrong i love my family but they stress me out to much. my whole life ive been compared to my big brother who fucked up alot and I get called a fuck up for it. Yea, I had my share of fuckin up that's a whole anther story. But I got into this huge crag totaled my car.  crashed into a pole and an 18 wheeler hit me I should have dided I didnt. I myself was lookin at 20 years in jail once I also excaped that. I also tried killin my self twice once i took 1000 advil and the hospital said i was lucky to live my mom came in the room with me passe out and 4 bottles of emtpy advil and she knew what i didnt she slapped me shaked me and couldent wake me up. I tried killin my self because I am  bipolar and I couldent find my ideneity and i found out about my mom having cancer i lost my job i lost my gf and to top it off i lost a friend during that week. Now I am lookin to make my mom proud of me before she passes away so dont be afraid to check out my music at

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