Fragile Monkey

Fragile Monkey

Fragile Monkey

Punk, Rock, Hard rock
From: Sheffield/Rotherham, United Kingdom

Band Members

  • Mel (Richard Mellard) - Vox
  • Sow (Shaun Croft) - Lead Guitar
  • Oz (Daniel Ozyer-key) - Rythm Guitar
  • 'J' (Jack Copson) - Bass Guitar
  • Spud (Stevie Copson) - Drums

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About Band

Fragile Monkey

Coming together late 2004 the band was made up for 5 school mates coming together after Mel (the singer) had a masterstroke one day and thought 'I wanna be in a band', the band was started and moved along to first recordings and gigs in 2005, the origional lead guitarist then left and was replaced by Heavy Metal fan Shaun. The bands new sound is semi punk rock, with bouncy bass lines, driven rythm, powerful drums, wacky lyrics and awesome shredding solo's


Fragile Monkey are about to launch their first EP featuring the songs on this very site.

Fragile Monkey Treat Your Senses - EP 1 2008

Average Joe

See Monkey Do

Avril Wannabe

Rotten Gobs Open (R-G-O)

Out of Time

We are also building a relationship with WOOD MUSIC PRODUCTIONS, who are recording the second EP for us; Runnin' Late But Soundin' Great!

Runnin' Late but Soundin' Great!

Lush  (video preview available on myspace)

Dancin' in ya Socks

Long Ride Home [for ace]

You dont have to tell me twice

Think about that


Both EP's will be available seperatly or as a joint 10 track album, simply named "A Fuckin Awesome Album!!


Treat Your Senses - £3  ----------------------> Available Now!

Runnin' Late but Soundin' Great - £3 -----> Out Soon!

A Fuckin' Awesome Album - £5 ------------> Out Soon!



For any recording needs, plase contact Matt at Wood Music Productions on the contact list over there somewhere----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------->>>>>>>>>>>




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