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Failed2Chart is a recording pseudonym & nome de plume for the solo music projects of A. Summerfield, an independent, unknown, unsigned, keyboard playing bassist & multi-instrumentalist, unencumbered by age, endorsements or music credentials. Failed2Chart infuses electric & acoustic instrumentation with electronics, found objects, field recordings, samples, loops, pre-arranged percussion, more loops, sonic manipulation & sequencing.


F2C Logo: a faded grainy image of a vintage audio reel to reel tape recorder serves as the Failed2Chart graphic icon - outdated but fully functional, dependable, faithful, no missing parts, lights still on, wheels still turn, analog based, chipless & ghost-free. Although it's most useful days have expired & it's remaining usable days are numbered, it still delivers decent fidelity - forever pulling a thin strip of plastic at a fixed speed past a slightly rusted magnet.


Instruments played by F2C include: Big synthesizers, little synthesizers, electric piano, organ, electric & acoustic bass guitars, electric & acoustic six and twelve string guitars, electric alto kalimba, electric slide mandolin & miscellaneous percussion - including, but not limited to: baby rattle, beer bottle, bongos, box-o-rocks, cabasa, clave, djembe, finger snaps & hand claps, maracas, ratchet, spark & tube shakers, tambourine, trash can lid, triangle, voice, vocal treatments, washboard & wood block. (No shoestrings were used or harmed in the making of this album).


For best results: Listen with high quality headphones at a volume high enough to keep the outside world out.


Favorite Instrument Not Played: Soprano sax

Favorite Sax Player: Wayne Shorter

Favorite Karlheinz Stockhausen Quote: "I'm always interested when other musicans are trying to discover new worlds of sound."

Favorite Synths: Moog, Nord & Korg

Favorite Synth Player: Joe Zawinul

Favorite Rock Artist Quote: "1 chord is fine, 2 is pushing it. 3 chords & you're into jazz"... Lou Reed

Second Favorite Rock Artist Quote: "I'd rather play jazz"... Ginger Baker

Favorite Jazz Artist Quote: "You can play a shoestring if you're sincere"... John Coletrane

Alltime Favorite Quote: "Don't bother me with facts, son. I've already made up my mind"...Foghorn Leghorn



Sound advice: Check out Treehouse Kids Barcelona Pop Punk, an acid jazz funk R&B electronica project called Mister Barrington, & and the electronic dance music trio Archie Pelago.


Browse: Photo album below - click through 10+ pages of 100+ photos below of friends, friendly instruments, random likes, dislikes & fails.




Thanks for listening.


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