Metal, Death Metal
From: Cremona, Italy

Band Members

  • Christian - Bass
  • Roberto - Vocals
  • Uge - Guitars
  • Simone - Keyboards
  • Ivan - Drums

About Band

Embryo were born in 2000 from the ashes of Lost Fate, classic-metal band where Uge (guitar), Ivan (drums) and Gigi (keyboards) were the main composers. In the last times of Lost Fate the band turned into an aggressive-melodic death metal with keyboards that also was the base of the first Embryo songs. At the end of that year the singer Roberto joined the band with his classic screaming and growling style; he ll be the author of all the lyrics, in which he creates landscapes of hate and pain. To complete the line-up, at the beginning of 2001 the bass-player Alberto joined the band: with the composition of the bass-lines, songs were ready to be recorded. The band stayed in studio between April and May 2001 to record the first demo-cd The Source Of Hate: composed by 5 songs, it contains even melodic than brutal parts, with almost progressive keyboards inserts. The biggest influencies could be find in Death, At The Gates, Dark Tranquillity and so on.

After a widespred underground promotional campain with Kick Agency Promotion, The Source Of Hate received positive reviews from fanzines, webzines , thus Embryo decided to record a promotional cd only for labels, magazines, webzines The new release is a three-song cd recorded on June 30th 2002 at X-Studio in Bollate (Milan).This is also the year in wich the band was among the finalists of the Transilvania Rock Contest. But in december 2002, when things seemed to be right and everything was ready for the new cd promotion, the bass-player Alberto left the band.

Embryo were still off the games, but luckly at the end of December the new bass-player Christian joined the band and in a few days learned all the songs; so, the band was able to go on promoting the new songs in Italy and also Austria and Switzerland! Since this new work recived immediately large consents, Embryo decided to realize their first, real cd! So, after a hard period of composition, the band had 12 new songs ready to be recorded, but...problems never finish! In September 2004, the keyboard-player Gigi announced the others members he ll left the band as soon as the recording of the new cd will be completed.

Embryo started to work at Beat-Bazar Studio in October 2004. Only two months later, Gigi left the band. Simone, who took his place, composed and recorded the keyboards parts on I ll Watch You Die and Kill Your Gods solo. In spring 2005 Embryo started the mixing, and in the meantime they started the realization of the artwork. On September, the band met the label Officina Rock, who appreciated their work; so the band signed the contract with Officina Rock on January 2006. The new album, called Chaotic Age, mixes death/thrash influences with keyboards work, that is integral part of Embryos sound since the beginning; distributed by Masterpiece, it will be out at the end of April; it will be also reprinted by the russian label Mystic Empire in order to be distributed in the east European countries. Chaotic Age has been succesfully presented on April 7th at Transilvania Live (Cremona), during the show with the legendary thrashers Necrodeath. It has also positive feedback among MySpace users from all over the world!!

The band is working on 9 new tracks that will be on our next record. We’re moving to a new type of sound, a more direct one but we surely haven’t lost our “classic” style. we’re searching for a new label ( if someone is interested please send us a private message here on myspace) and our aim is to record a promo before the end of the year.
It will contain 3 inedited tracks that will be sent to the labels. As soon as they are ready, we’ll add them to our profile so you guys can check them out.
In the meanwhile Chaotic Age came out on Russia under the Mystic Empire Records, and soon we are going to appear on a Peruvian compilation realized by the Infest Producciones.
As far as the merchandise is concerned, there are some new shirts ready, and soon we ‘re going to post some pic of them. Everyone interested can send us a private message and contact us.

Thanx for your support!!


Chris & Embryo Crew  


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