Duology (Official Page)

Duology (Official Page)

Duology (Official Page)

Hip-Hop, Rap, Indie
From: Denver, CO, United States

Band Members

  • Lil Redd - Artist
  • The I.L.L.E.S.T. - Artist

About Band

Since their younger days both Fernando Cruz aka The I.L.L.E.S.T. and Steven Pino aka Lil Redd had one thing in common: a devout love for hip-hop and it’s culture. This love for the music is the driving force that brought both of them together in the summer of ’09. After a failed stint at creating a group with 3 members and then a fall out with the third member, they decided to start a duo which later became known as Duology. Duology has a sound like no other. Not only do they come with a combination of killer flows, flawless delivery, and raw emotion but they also have a burning passion to keep making music that is different from mainstream appeal and that will be burned into the minds of everyone who listens to them for years to come. This is what makes Duology strides ahead of a lot of artists in the game today. Though Duology has only been in the game for slightly over a year, they have made lasting connections with many veterans in the Colorado Hip-Hop scene and this has led to 6 shows ranging from small bars to venues of 300+ attendance. Keep an eye out for these two young men as they gain more exposure and keep climbing up the ladder until they reach the top! Because both Ill & Redd both agree on one thing: the goal is to spread the music to people from around the world and from the looks of it, they are well on their way. Go check out their new single titled “Willy Wonka” featuring fellow label mate Santone on iTunes and any other online music stores. Also go check out them on facebook and leave them some feedback on their music and ‘LIKE’ the page as well at www.facebook.com/Duology303. Help spread the word and get ready for the takeover!!!!!

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Website: facebook.com/Duology303

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