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Dramatic Music Productionz (DMP) Has Been Around But Not Known For 17 Years Founder Myself Nick"Dramatic"Zavala Who Once Was Known As Slow Flow Started In Greeley Colorado At The Age Of 7 From Looping Songs And Writing Lyrics To Rapping Till I Got introduce To A Music Studio And A Recording Studio Program And Thats When I Started Producing My own Beats And Started Finding Sites After Sites Where I Can Start Posting My Talent Online From There Thats When i Met Up With A Germany Record Label Titled "I Gangsta Productions" (IGP) And So I Started Producing Beats For Them Then Thats Where I Met With Young British Rapper Gibbazz Aka Tippa Kool Who Is From England i Started Thinkin To Myself "What If I Start My Own Label?" But I Couldn't Think of A Name Until I Met French Producer Nauseous Who Told Me That My Beats Sounded too Dramatic In The Good way To catch Listeners Attention And From that Comment Made Me Think My Beats Are Dramatic I Love Music And That Would Known As DRAMATIC MUSIC PRODUCTIONZ (DMP) Short So Nauseous Chose To Sign To My Label And Now BAck To (IGP) Gibbazz HAd Left The Label And Asked To Join (DMP) And So I Took Him In And From There We Met Bamboo Who Is From Cape Verde South Africa And To Canada Who We Met Schmick Who Are Now Part Of (DMP) And Now We HAve Artist's From Around The United States So I Have A Lil Success Not Just For Myself But For My Artist's But I Need Alil More Artist's My Label Is A Indie Label Underground Label

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