Destined Apostle

Destined Apostle

Destined Apostle

Hardcore, Metal, Death Metal
From: chicago, IL, United States

Band Members

  • Ami Vox - vocals
  • Nick - guitar
  • kooker - bass/backing vocals
  • AJ - blast master

About Band

Destined Apostle is a 4 piece outfit out of the depths of Chicago's suburban hell. With nothing else to do but play music, the band started. The members are all very young; Ranging in age from 18 to 20 years old with their aggressive female vocalist, Ami, being the eldest, and their hyperactive guitar player, Nick, being the youngest.

Destined Apostle was formed in early 2006 by Nick and Ryan [Kueker] (bass/backing vocals). After numerous attempts and failures with other bands, they finally got a practice space, started paying rent, and began the writing process.

The songwriting was solid, but in order to progress, a drummer had to be found, which is where AJ came into play. At the time, AJ was still jamming with his former band, Fallen From Grace, but after playing with Destined Apostle for a few weeks, he decided to fully commit and parted ways amicably with Fallen From Grace.

The matter of a vocalist was still at hand. For a while Ryan was attempting to do lead vocals and the band was going to try to find a bass player, but the hunt for a bass player was grueling and proving futile. The band found itself doing more writing than practicing. Thats when Ami found her way into the picture. At the time, she was still in her band Dirt Asylum, but her last show with them was quickly approaching and she knew she coulnd't just leave the scene, so she auditioned. Impressed by her ability to scream like she does, the band hired her as lead vox to complete the band known as Destined Apostle.

Destined Apostle mixes a variety of influences both musically and from their own personal experiences and backgrounds. Drawing on these influences gives Destined Apostle the ability to create a sound that is uniquely their own. With catchy riffs, thought provoking lyrics, and intense breakdowns, this band is on their way to becoming one of the heavy hitters in Chicago's metal scene.

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