Dennis Mitchell Band

Dennis Mitchell Band

Dennis Mitchell Band

Rock, Blues
From: Beaverton, OR, United States

Band Members

  • Dennis Mitchell - Vocals/Lead Guitar
  • Mike Mitchell - Guitar/Vocals
  • Todd McPherson - Bass/Vocals
  • Steve Miller - Keyboards/Vocals
  • Brian Johnsen - Drums

About Band

Dennis Mitchell, from Portland, Ore., is no stranger to the area music scene. Performing in the popular Portland band No Ties, Mitchell has paid his musical dues. While growing up in a musical family, dad playing guitar and mom a singer, Mitchell honed his craft. Brother Mike played as well and went on to record and perform with The Kingsmen on their hit Grammy award-winning song, Louie, Louie.

In 2005, Dennis joined the forces of other seasoned musicians and formed the Dennis Mitchell Band.

The versatile Steve Miller on keyboards, who also plays bass guitar and guitar, blends in on vocals. Miller, from Spokane, Washington, has spent a life of traveling with regional bands including Chicago-based, Rushhour, Spokane’s Season Street and The Gayle Rose Band. Miller also performed in Portland area bands, The Tempers and Missile’s End. Miller adds the richness and full texture to the band’s sound. He creates the power blues and rock lines worthy of the instrument.

Punching in on the bass guitar is experienced Todd McPherson. He is a longtime member of the touring band The Kingsmen and also brings regional ties to the group, performing with Rising Tide, Choirboys and No Ties. The talented McPherson also lends his vocal ability to the band.

Drummer Brian Johnsen fills out the rhythm section. Johnsen, a seasoned performer, has performed with the likes of regional bands Airborne, Legend, Choirboys, Rockerfellers and Meredith Brooks. Johnsen has also done backup work for Bachman Turner and Pat Travers. Johnsen brings a tight and solid, exciting percussion pocket to the band’s sound. 

The Mitchell brothers fill out the band’s line up. “I’ve always wanted to do something musically with my brother,” Mike explains about his younger brother Dennis. The two combine to add the rhythm and lead guitar parts to the band. Mike adds power rhythm and lead guitar work to the drive of the band’s sound. He also lends his years of experience to the vocal work.

Dennis fronts the band. Very comfortable in the role, Dennis leads his mates through some tight patterns and groves, making it look and sound easy. “We are bringing an ‘all work’ musical knowledge to the table,” Dennis comments on the band’s ability.

Identifying themselves as a jump, shout, dance rock, country and blues band, the boys can definitely lay it down. Dennis adds his guitar styling and smooth vocals, along with his easygoing persona to the band.

The band has released a self-titled CD, Dennis Mitchell Band, now available. Titles include, Pack it Up, a hard-driving, bluesy, funk feeling tune, along with Palace of the King, a progressive, rock piece with a blues edge to it. This CD is worth checking out; just ask the people in that lucky aisle, selected at the Blazer game, who received a copy. You can find out more about the CD and the band at:

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