Dawgface Flawless

Dawgface Flawless

Dawgface Flawless

Rap, Hip-Hop
From: Denver, CO, United States

About Artist

Dawgface Flawless is a fire-spitting visionary from the wild streets of Knoxville, TN. & Denver, CO. Now on his 7th album (entitled Tha Knoxvillan), Dawgface is set out to set himself apart from all of the gimmicky one-hit wonders.

Known HEAVILY in the streets, Dawgface has never been one to mince his words or sugar-coat the truth of any matter. U can hear it on his tracks. Flawless bleeds the truth of the world from his tongue onto the songs that he appears on. From his playful party songs to the deeper, real-life that he favors.

One listen to the compact rhyme patterns and multi-sylable rhyming and you'll understand why the name Flawless AND Dawgface suits this up-and-coming artist to the T

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