Hip-Hop, Rap
From: aurora, CO, United States

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Daloon Dollas A.K.A. LooniE $tupid Sno-City's Prodigy A 5280 baby raised a spitter I was the shit with a mic when I hit 13 (spittin scince 9 or 10) I've recorded 3 albums and 5 mixtapes, been on countless local freestyle tapes and i've decided to get paid for my god given talent. tharefore I'm more dedicated than ever! Recent, Current, and Future Releases: BULLSHIT 4THA PUBLIC 2 "All My Folks" is in the works aswell as my new solo (title pending) I woulden't quite concider it selling out if a deal was offered in fact, thats exactly what the fuck I'm looking for YADIG!!!! NEW SHIT 4THA PUBLIC is a working progress 2 yet another mixtape to add 2 the arsonal to be released after BS4P2 gets a little bit of pull FUCCEDUPDUMBFUCC A Mixtape/Album released in mid 2011, After being released I pulled it to fine tune it and improve on my craft it was thrown together in 5 days TheFourFuccsOfLife An upcoming Release March25th 2012 Inspired from the four aspects of my life Curent Look Out for More SNO-CITY SHIT!!!!

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