Hip-Hop, Rap, Indie
From: Denver, CO, United States

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I go by Young-Tone...kind of a joke to start but then it just stuck around, I also go by TM3,Concious,TP. I am a solo artist out of Colorado. I am from Ann Arbor and outside Detroit area Michigan and Moved out to colorado some time ago, so it's been back and forth since...Michigan is my home and Colorado is my crib that is how I see it. I started writing music when I was about 10 and it's been non stop ever since. My style is a style of its own has a mainstream feel with a more refined underground flow.  I am an Artist/Producer so I am in every aspect of the music. I have a small record label that I started a while back for myself and a couple other local artists to get on in my home studio. I make music because it is what I was born to do no questions asked. I never try to be something that I'm not, my music speaks of my life and only mine. I don't fall into the drama and I speak nothing but the truth...if there is no truth there is no real feeling in music. I just put out my demo cd called Non-Fiction that is available on my myspace and will soon be on itunes as well. I came up on music so it is the most important part of my life. Music has always saved me when things were in the dark. I have a lot of influences...first of all Me..Myself...I...if you can't see yourself as an influence then I feel you can never make it in this music business. Next would be my mother then a list I won't make too long but 2 pac is one of my biggest influences...his music was so true and real...pure in every word.... Then eminem is a big one as well as, jadakiss, chamillionaire,classified,jon young, plan b. In the next year I will be finishing up at Burklee College of music and opening up the official label studio in downtown denver... Any questions about shows or cds or beats...message me on or my myspace...or email

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