Club 7 Jazz Band

Club 7 Jazz Band

Club 7 Jazz Band

Jazz, Dance, Blues
From: Eugene, OR, United States

Band Members

  • Michael Almich - Band leader/Clarinet
  • Kyle Owen - Drums
  • Easton Stuard - Piano/Flute
  • Dorian Crow - Bass
  • Jessica Owen - Vocals

About Band

The Club 7 Jazz Band is this generation's answer to the call for the continuation of traditional jazz music. These four college-age musicians come from different locations along the west coast and with their diverse musical influences they have developed a unique style while maintaining the essence of traditional jazz.

Bob Draga, Titan Hot 7 Clarinetist (10/26/2005): "It is nice to see musicians that started out as youth players in the youth jazz programs now working professionally! Club 7 Jazz Band understands the importance of a great jazz program and also understands the concept of being both musical and entertaining! I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Club 7 Jazz Band for any jazz festival!"

(Jim Demont - Medford Jazz Jubilee Vice President - December 3, 2007) "To whom it may concern: Club 7 has been a regular at the Medford Jazz Jubilee since 2004 and will appear again in October of 2008. 

They get a great sound out of a small group and are a versatile crowd pleaser. Michael and the group’s repertoire may include more, but I can personally vouch for their excellence with hot jazz and inspirational standards as well as the more modern cool jazz reminiscent of Brubeck and others. Club 7 would be a credit to any festival, party or event. "

Club 7 is intent on making an impact on the world of traditional jazz while at the same time inspiring others to join in the effort to keep the music alive. At this point this group is very interested in performing anywhere, everywhere, and as often as they can. Their travels have lead them all throughout Oregon and have recently extended southward to the Sacramento Jazz Jubilee. Having sold numerous copies of their first CD, A Closer Walk (2005), their next CD will be released early 2007. This is one band that no one will want to miss as they climb the musical ladder.

Our CD, "A Closer Walk", is available. If you are interested check out our website,, for ordering information.

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