Hip-Hop, Pop, Experimental
From: Sheffield, United Kingdom

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Hey everbody, im new to so im gunna get use to this though still i allways do.

I am 16 from sheffield and also rotherham depends ( my dad and mum are split up)

Iv'e been mc'in nearly a year now

I need to get signed cas i have a passion for music an im just not being noticed by anyone. I am gunna try do it on my own back mc'in at raves an i hope to be performin at bigger places. But hey, the p's are temporary that way dont last long.

And i wanna be big in the music industry. True say though i am movin slowly. On my ends iv'e allready got people coming up to me and crackin my phrases at me. 'TOO HIGH FOR LANDIN BLUD'. SOme know me from my music.

An then theres all the peeps who allready knew me on my ends supportin me. Not as many people as i want though. Times are hard an im finding it difficult.


Listen to my music an i hope you enjoy it!


If anyone needs to contact me for any reason                 all blessed

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