Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy

Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy

Caeser Pink & The Imperial Orgy

Funk, Psychedelic, Progressive
From: Brooklyn, NY, United States

Band Members

  • Caeser Pink - Vocals
  • Tony Coque - Guitar
  • Joyce Isabelle - Keyboards
  • Kighkey DeyGogh - Bass
  • Ron Wilson - Drums

About Band

Life is sacred, don't let it pass
Take my desire, break from your past
You're the Goddess, I'm the beast
Join me in life's wanton feast

Although the members of the Imperial Orgy are tight-lipped when asked to explain the meaning of the name "the Imperial Orgy," these lyrics from Caeser Pink's Sex Salvation provide a telling clue. The orgy is the orgy of life's feast. Everything about the group displays an unbridled lust for creative freedom and a gleeful "f**k you" to the norms of convention. They are seething with a desire to inject pop culture with a healthy dose of fun and adventure.

The Imperial Orgy is a band that follows its own path. While most artists succumb to the pressure to play only one musical style, The Imperial Orgy allow their creative impulses to lead them through a wide variety of musical genres, often mixing elements of different styles to create new sounds.

Lyrically, bandleader Caeser Pink accepts no boundaries. His lyrics have a directness that challenges the listener. While some find his words too visceral, whether on personal or political terrain, his message aims straight for the heart and the mind, often asking the listener to question deeply held values or look inward at emotions most would rather put safely out of mind. Often his lyrics use humor to create biting social satire.

The band's live performances are as unyielding as their music. The group allows themselves the creative freedom to employ any artform they wish in order to express their ideas to the audience. The Imperial Orgy's live show is a multimedia barrage of music, performance art, video projections, theater, dance, and poetry, that pulls the audience into an experience that is part tent-show revival-meeting, part political rally, and part tribal fertility ceremony.

Caeser Pinks stage presence has an animal magnetism that carries an aura of backwoods preacher or voodoo priest. He seduces the audience into lowering their inhibition and freeing themselves to express repressed desires. The Imperial Orgy creates a communal environment where everyone is free to express themselves.

Audiences often have extreme love-or-hate reactions to The Imperial Orgy. On multiple occasions Caeser Pink has been physically attacked by audience members who were enraged by the band's performances. At others times their concerts turn the cub dance-floors into body-strewn petting orgies.

The Imperial Orgy began in 1994 at Penn State University's Film Department and was soon embroiled in controversy for it's nonconformist blend of music and a rtistry. Almost immediately gigs were canceled due to terrorist threats from Christian organizations, their posters have been banned from college campuses, radio stations have banned their recordings, women's studies classes have debated the group's presentation of gender issues, and their website was banned from its web hosting company for being "an insult to God."

Quickly the Imperial Orgy's musical message transformed into a lifestyle as the band's fans began to form a multi-cultural community exploring sexuality, alternative spirituality, and social activism. In 1995 the group moved to New York City where their fringe collective continued to grow.

While most bands create recordings and perform concerts, The Imperial Orgy and their network of fans have also presented street theater protests in front of the New York Stock Exchange, created their own underground TV series that has been seen across the US and around the world, they founded their own non-profit organization that among other works, delivered free computer training to economically disadvataged people in rural Pennsylvania, and the group created a network of unique websites, one of which approaches the internet as an art-form to create an interactive experience for a journey of spiritual self discovery.

Whether musically or socially, the Imperial Orgy excludes the prejudiced. The music fan who limits their tastes to a particular style of rock and roll, or who are uncomfortable with a socially open environment, will surely find some aspect of the Imperial Orgy offensive. But for those who have no restraints to hold them back from savoring the feast....

...the Imperial Orgy is waiting

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