Big Dipper

Big Dipper

Big Dipper

Rap, Hip-Hop
From: Brookfield, IL, United States

About Artist

They call me Big Dipper.  I'm a white rapper from a white neighborhood who raps about being a white rapper from a white neighborhood.  When listening to my music, realize that I'm too poor to afford a good mic so the recording value will probably suck.  The beats will also suck for two reasons, 1. I did them on an iPod app and 2. I'm a rapper not a producer. So why listen to my music you ask? For the lyrics.  They are all original and they are what I take the most pride in. 

What I'm really looking for is a producer that I can collab with.  Not just some asshole on the internet selling beats at $40 each, but an actual person who I can put out a demo or album with.  Just hit me up if you like my shit.


- BD 

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