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Well, to start off with, yo, what's up? They call me Mouse. I'm a musician and I have been playing since I was 2 and a half. I'm now almost 21. I play many instruments including guitar, bass, piano/keyboard, trumpet, trombone (valve), some drums, and I can sing in tune pretty well. However, not a single one of these instruments represents the artist I am on That particular talent is awarded to beatboxing which I have been doing for about 6 and a half years now. I'm in the burbs of Chicago (Wheaton) and I have played many shows, helped book shows, and helped set up shows and get the word out. I've been looking for a group to be in (aside the one I'm in now, =Chaotic), but we aren't going anywhere as quickly as I want, so I've taken it upon myself to put my solo work to the grindstone and get my own art out there. Beatboxing isn't just about making beats and sounds, oddly enough. It's also about the soul, the rhythm, and the passion. I am quite passionate about beatboxing, and I do in fact put a lot of soul into the complex rhythms and melodies/basslines that I produce. However, I only have a few things recorded on CD, and though they sound freaking amazing (thank you Bert/Velvet Pinapple!!!!), I need more of an audience. Therefore, I am now currently open for "business", as you say, though I'm all for non-profit. Money isn't my thing. Music is. Get that straight, yo.

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