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A viewpoint from a disappointed fan is the approach underground Chicago based MC b.a.sick feels is presently missing in the genre of Hip-Hop. Judging by a continually expanding musical resume as well as a rapidly increasing fan base, clearly he’s not alone in his thinking. By using what he refers to as “the worldwide misuse of Hip-Hop” as his motivation, b.a.sick offers what he feels is his solution to a void in urban music with the arrival of what he aptly names “teknotroniks”. Somewhere in between hardcore and more introspective Hip-Hop is where the lyricist comfortably places his artwork. If you could couple the intelligence of Talib Kweli with the charisma of Jay-Z, and place a stage show with the same level of crowd moving enthusiasm as Busta Rhymes on top of that, you wouldn’t be too far away from a good description of  b.a.sick, whose artistic spectrum is a phenomenon that should be witnessed first hand. Equipped with an outlook that is truly refreshing within the lack of convention, the lyricist’s cadence is a welcome approach to a repetitive state in Hip-Hop while finding a way to keep the most lethargic spectators out of their seats. A different breed of MC, listeners in search of an alternative to today’s mass produced brand of music should definitely heed the words declared on b.a.sick’s debut album book II: the scorched earth theory and “take your time and listen”.

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Website: www.myspace.com/gobasick

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