Bad Habit

Bad Habit

Bad Habit

Punk, Grunge, Rock
From: ORLANDO, FL, United States

Band Members

  • Johnny Habit - Lead Vocals/Guitar
  • Alexander Habit - Lead Guitar/Vox
  • Wane - Bass/Vox
  • Miguel - Drums

About Band


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Bad Habit, originaly named My Broken Heart, was formed with Johnny as lead vocals and guitar, Jeromie on bass and Tim on drums. after many tweaks in sound, My Broken Heart decided that their sound wasn't where it needed to be. They replaced Jeromie with James on bass. But problems once again surrounded the band and their music when drummer Tim became inconsistant coming to practices. The band temporarely replaced him with Johnny's own stepbrother, Tarek. After James temporarely left the band (because of something I will not disscus,) Jeromie once again picked up the bass for My Broken Heart. The new band recorded their first album, If The Pieces Fit, from late October to early December of 2006 with Johnny on lead vocals and guitar, Jeromie on bass, and Tarek on drums . 2 months later, the trio reunited to begin rehersals for a new album. Yet again, turmoil surrounded the band when Tarek left the band. Tarek moved away to live with his mother in Indiana. Also, Jeromie left te band. However, Johnny met guitarist Kevin, who agreed to join My Broken Heart. Johnny began to try to patch things together with Tim and James to try to put the band together again. The four of them resumed practice in early March. Actualy, 3 of them. Tim once again was inconsistant in coming to practice. 2 weeks after the band began practicing again, Johnny, James and Kevin decided to fire Tim. Johnny talked to Austin, a sibling of one of Tarek's friends. Johnny knew he played drums because on occasion he had come over to jam sessions. The band had fired Tim and less than 2 hours later they had talked to and then hired Austin. They talked about renaming the band. For about a week, they played as We Are Channel 11. Then, they settled on Bad Habit. In early April of 2007, Bad Habit self produced and self recorded the album Killing Time, with Johnny on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Kevin on lead guitar, James on bass and Austin on drums. Immediately after recording Killing Time, James was suspended from school and his mother forbid him from playing in the band. Austin contacted his friend Patrick to play bass in the band. After a couple of weeks of Pat being inconsistant, they managed to get James back into the band.a little while later they recorded their demo which would turn out to be their landmark debut New Sound, which made several stabs at government policies and discused topics that affected the band in one way or another such as suicide and drug abuse. the album was published much later after Austin left the band on their own label. It sold fairly well for a self produced album, selling just under 500 copies. they recorded the music video for Under The Influence (a song that remains the one Bad Habit is best known for and is a favorite to play live) on May 12, 2007. However, once again the band faced problems with James after finding out that his reason for being inconsistant to practice was that he was the guitarist for another band, formed by former band member Tim. After several attempts at finding a good bass player, they finaly got Alex, a friend of Johnny's from summer school in June 2007. After several arguments over issues that i prefer not to discuss, Kevin left or was fired or whatever you want to call it. After playing a couple shows as a trio, the band hired Johnny's friend Andreas and Austin's friend T.J. as additional guitarists. However, after too many issues , Austin left sometime in October 2007 and hired Rajit to play drums for the album they were working on. Although Rajit and T.J. were not long for the band as Rajit moved away and T.J. showed up to sessions and just kind of played whatever he felt like. so after Rajit moved away and T.J. was sort of isolated from the rest of the band, they decided to start on their new self-produced album and have the drum parts recorded when they found someone. During the process of recording, they hired Cody Vader to play keyboards for the album. They also hired Adam "Insanity" Cox about a week after the guitar and vocal parts were done to overdub drums on the record and also to play drums on their upcoming summer tour. shows in that time period included an appearence on America's Got Tallent . the album, which they named named Love, Hate, and the Spaces In Between, was named because of the songs ranging on topics from love (Citizens From Nowhere; which was named after an idea Austin had for a band name when they were going through the process of renaming My Broken Heart,) to rage (Are You Okay Now) to depression and boredom (the Suicide Song). When Andres and Adam quit to pursue a different genre of music, Alex voulenteered to pick up a guitar. While Johnny briefly played bass and there was talk of Tim rejoining as drummer, they decided to put Miguel on drums and Wayne on bass. Also, they got Jon to play guitar on their upcoming recordings

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