Babylon Renigg

Babylon Renigg

Babylon Renigg

Hip-Hop, Rap
From: Chicago, IL, United States

About Artist

On June 1, 2010 as a result of collaboration efforts with his music producer, Soleternity - Babylon Reniggotiated was released through CD Baby, the largest on-line seller of digital music for Indie and Unsigned artists.  CD Baby releases the music to various digital distribution outlets such as I-Tune and Amazon MP3. This venture proved to be very fruitful  and pre-production proved to be phenomenal.


Soleternity who at 21 years old created a successful music production company licensing and producing music for major distribution album placement and independent album placements.


MiC or MaG is the trade name and music works of Hip Hop Artist Babylon Renigg. The name is in equivalence to the Great Seal on the back of the One Dollar Bill. The Eagle holds the Olive Branches & Arrows which means "we are peace loving people, but we are ready for war". We don't promote violence, we do music (and love it). 

MiC or MaG is about choice and how those choices will ultimately define our lives.

Babylon believes that music is Universal...”listen to some of the deeper songs by artist like DMX then Kurt Cobain of Nirvana, same feelings and energy, completely different genres....remember MUSIC DOES NOT DISCRIMINATE!”

 Babylon Renigg became very proactive in his career as an artist by creating his own buzz; selling his CD’s locally, selling merchandise under the MiC or MaG  name and performing wherever he could. “You have to be pro-active in your own career, it’s like brand building”. He kept his name ringing as a result of performing at a series of competitions: “Since there is no blue print to getting your music heard, you have to keep moving, do something everyday. That puts you one step closer to full circled accomplishment. “Pre-production was easy moving my product is a different story” ~ Babylon

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