As Skies Bleed

As Skies Bleed

As Skies Bleed

Hardcore, Metal, Death Metal
From: Rome, NY, United States

Band Members

  • Tim Coleman - Blast beats
  • Marek - Gnarly low tones
  • Travis Holmes - Low shredder
  • Travis DeRuby - High shredding

About Band

We cannot use common genres to catagorize our music. We play what we want to hear. Post-hardcore music sucks. Hardcore Dancing is gay. We are called As Skies Bleed. We are a melodic death metal band made up of founding members Travis DeRuby, Travis Holmes and Tim Coleman. We handle the drums, guitar, and bass duties while we record by ourselves for the time being in our basement with the worst recording equipment known to man. We co-write everything we produce. Lyrics, guitar riffs, bass lines and sometimes drum parts too.

We have a multitude of songs we wrote and are going to put aside for the time being because we know that we have better ones and we are kind of going through a genre change. We are getting faster and deathier. We now have eight songs that we aprove of and are in the process of recording them and posting them on here. The ones that are on here are old and are a complete different genre.

We now have a complete line up. It consists of Travis DeRuby on lead guitar and backing vocals; Travis Holmes on rythem guitar; Tim Coleman on drums; and Marek Czech. is the bass player. We are looking for shows that are comming up so we can get out there and tear it up. We are also interested in looking for a keyboardist but it is not mandatory. If your interested contact us at

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