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Hip hop has come a long way since its golden age, transforming through the times of the 70's 80's 90's and the 2000's even in the past years hip hop has become one of the most major genre's of today. As everybody knows hip hop has seeing many different styles and many artists. As new independent artist are on the rise everyday one artist is breaking the mold he goes by the name Antwon and he's a fresh breathe of air to the music scene as he try's to separate him self and his music from the rest by not just speaking about things like fancy cars, women, and money. "Not everybody has those things in life in fact most of the time we strive to have those things and reach what we perceive to be happiness and success, but life throws curve balls and obstacles at us making it an everyday struggle to reach our dreams and ours goals" he says. With his music he shows that now matter what happens in your life you can reach your dreams as long as you work hard for it because nothing comes for free. What separates himself from other artist is that he always try's to make a connection with his fans and other people the way he does that is through his music an personal style by making sure that each song is triggering different emotions. Although the message is still the same its to teach people to really look at in depth at the different things that go on in your life and sometimes using those things to overcome the adversities that you face in your time alive. Born 1992 December 21st in Los Angeles, California he grew up as a regular kid with 2 parents and 1 brother at a young age started to play baseball and soon dedicated his life to it believing one day thats what he would do for a career. As time went on he would soon have to face one of the most difficult things for a kid to experience, the death of his mother. After 4 months of her death his father moved him and his brother to Prescott, AZ where they lived for 4 years and later on eventually moving to Bullhead City, AZ to be closer to family and that is when he started taking an interest in hip hop. 8th grade year of his middle school career is where he started to take rapping serious instead of just doing it for fun in his english class he soon wrote his first song in highshcool which is titled "Viva Antwon" After seeing much popularity in the song he began to work on his first mixtape "The Introduction" it launched his career instantly by grow attention all around the area. No less than a year later he came out with the second installment of his mixtapes called "No Time For Breaks" yet again he seen the affects of becoming a better and more well rounded artist take affect as his fan base grew and started gaining recognition not only in the area but over the internet as well. September 3, 2010 he released his 3rd "Official" mixtape titled "Flight Motion" that brought him the most attention because of his major growth of improvement on his lyrics, flow, and creativity it also had came with some big names on the production end of things. months later after the death of his father he finally began to find out who he really was and now has incorporated that into his music as well. He is now currently planning on releasing his 4th mixtape in 2012 that is said to be nothing short of game changing. But one thing is for sure that up and coming artist Antwon is definitely making a name for himself and creating a buzz in music he's already paving his own path to stardom.

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