Another Day Dawned

Another Day Dawned

Another Day Dawned

Metal, Progressive, Hardcore
From: Sandy, OR, United States

Band Members

  • Johnny - Vocals
  • Cole - Bass/Vocals
  • Kim - Lead Guitar
  • Arie - Rhythm Guitar
  • Jake - Drums

About Band

Thus Is the story of Another Day Dawned

Another Day Dawned actually started out as Two sandy bands the first of the two was formed by Paul Blakely, Thomas "Cole" Roobish, and Kim Predmore. The three started out pretty well doing a cover and starting some of their own stuff but yet they could not finish do to the lack of certain elements. Kim during this time Kim came up with the name "Another Day Dawned".

Then at a later time two young men decided that they would like to start a band as well these young men being John Wrenn and Jacob Newton. These two unfortunately picked up some bad luggage right away, but after getting rid of half of it they picked up another member as well which was infact Thomas "Cole" Roobish. continuing to go they again dropped the bad luggage from the band and were freed of all of it leaving just John, Jake, And Cole who was juggling both bands. Cole offereing a Position to Kim gained her a spot with the three young men. after a week of that came the mergence of the bands ultimately creating the band Another Day Dawned. then after the first show, paul blakely quit. Now They have Arie playing rhythm and Kim plays lead. 

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