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Amber Roper is a self-taught music and video producer who has been writing songs and singing since age 7. By the time she was 9, she self-taught herself how to play the guitar as well as piano. Winning several competitions for her song-writing and story-writing skills, she gained more popularity in her hometown, Birmingham, Alabama. Living under the shadow of her well-known father, AC Roper, and dealing with a rare condition of dysautonomia, she began to break free into the world of music. After putting her first song, "Ace of Diamonds", on iTunes in early March, she began working on her first full album. Spending a lot of time in the hospital, she wrote over 600 songs in just a 2 year time span. After rededicating her life to Jesus at a local Christian conference in 2014, Amber released her first Christian collection on iTunes. She didn't lose the pop and happy feel that she had in her songs before, instead she just embraced it. The lyrics can easily be mistaken for talking about a lover but Amber has no shame in her game about her relationship with God. Releasing her first music video in over a year, "Control" hit the charts being her most successful techno (and Christian!) song ever. Amber Roper is now working on an album titled "Impeccable Love" scheduled to be released sometimes in March of 2016. For more music, pictures, and videos, check out her website:

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