Acoustic, Alternative, Rock
From: China Grove, NC, United States

Band Members

  • Sammei Burnett - Vocals
  • "Large" Fry Lunsford - Guitar
  • "Crazy" Ace Richard - Guitar
  • Phyll Apathy - Bass
  • Jacob Phillips - Drums

About Band

Alterity, a new mixture of rock coming out of Charlotte, North Carolina, bursts into the scene with a new band coming out of the old Alterity. We will be releasing a new sound EP in December called the Alterity EP giving an example of our sound and it is beginning to bring a lot of hype.

Alterity's music brings out a unique kind of sound with a female singer which is rare in the rock genre but Alterity strives to get it done. Alterity plans to bring fun and entertainment to their shows that will leave the crowd hungry for more. Alterity has been described as their own sound, they try not to be like no other and are usually labeled under the alternative genre.

The Alterity band members include Sammei Burnett, Large Fry, Robert "Crazy Ace" Richard, Phyll Apathy, and Jacob Phillips. Most of the band members have had experience playing with each other, such as, Jacob and Phyll have been in over three bands together, and Jacob and Marcus were in the old Alterity together. Sammei comes out of Mount Pleasant, North Carolina with a great voice and is a skilled guitarist as well. Robert comes out of Landis, North Carolina and has the least experience.

Alterity will be teaming up with Cordova Sound in December 2008 to record their EP to push things farther with their band. Alterity has had a lot of experience with live performances going as small as talent shows, Competitions, Festivals and Party's, and regular venues.

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