A Lost Sense Of Direction

A Lost Sense Of Direction

A Lost Sense Of Direction

Hard rock, Metal, Alternative
From: Sydney, Australia

Band Members

  • Miles Bedak-Stone - Vocals
  • Connor Richards-Turner - Guitar
  • Harry Monson - Bass
  • Jesse Adams - Drums
  • Owen Lawson - Guitar/Backing Vocals

About Band

Well...From memory the band was formed in either late 2007 or early 2008 by Miles and Owen, then Harry and ex-member Lewis joined, then Connor joined, then Tex joined, then Lewis (sadly) quit, then a few hours later we found our current drummer, Jesse. The band went through many, many names, like "Radio Pumpkin", "Monkey Sandwich", "The Narcotics" "Missing A Seventh Sin", and for some strange reason "RPD" (rocket propelled dickheads ... only about two members liked that name and it died off pretty fast...). Before Jesse joined, we'd played three gigs at the Harp (an irish pub in tempe). We're very greatful to them for putting up with us. We'd also made some SHAMEFUL recordings. We've played three gigs since jesse joined, two of them at the Harp, and one of them at the Roxbury hotel, in Glebe. We're looking out for more opportunities to play to an audience (maybe even a crowd ... some day...). We've also started re-recording our songs, and doing some new ones. Much better. we've only just made a page here so we'll put up our songs soon-ish. We've also changed all the drumbeats and written a few more songs, and have many works-in-progress. Yeah, well, anyway, we're hoping to go somewhere with this band. We don't want it to be a garage, lounge room, or attic band forever.


Recently Tex quit and weve been playing gigs getting more songs together Practicing in a garage making lots of Noise and doin stupid shit were getting some footage together

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