Hip-Hop, R&B, Pop
From: Central Islip, NY, United States

Band Members

  • Mario Tarquinio (Lil MT) - Singer/Rapper
  • Anthony Ensley (Capitol G) - Rapper/Singer

About Band

1 -If you had to perform in front of an audience that never heard of you, which one of your songs would captivate them and/or make them fans?
1.  I think we would have a few songs that would captivate our audience, but  if i had to pick one song, it would be Sexxin' on the beach because the chorus is very catchy, it's a summer song and it just has a good vibe to it.
 2 -why did you choose the rap name that you have chosen?
 2. The name almost famous was chosen because it represents who we are. Were not famous yet, but the people we meet, we always leave a big impact on, which leads us to be remembered, talked about and and the life of the party, but not yet famous, so were Almost Famous.
3 -What inspired you to start rapping?
3. Rap inspired the both of us in the same way. Instead of turning to drugs, hustling or gang banging, we chose to show our feelings in writing. 
4 -What experience have you had made it clear that being a rapper is the way you want to go?
4. When we first met, we were messing around on the microphone on a music program to see how we both sounded. What we heard sounded great, and we fed off each others verses and energy. From there on out we started to make our own lyrics and buy beats from various aspiring producers. We had a couple gigs were we actually performed our music live, and when we are on the stage together performing for the crowd, everything feels so right and the adrenaline rush is out of this world. Also, when we are on that stage, wherever it may be, we know that this is why we were put on this earth... And that is to perform!
 5 -what are your goals you want to achieve? (ex. being signed)
 5. Our goals are to still write good music and keep that energy flow we receive  from one another. We will always continue to work on our music because that is what we love to do. Hopefully one day there will be an opportunity for us to receive a record contract, which is our big time goal. Everyone has there shot and everyone has their time to shine. It is important for you to show everyone what you got and, not to dance, but perform like no one is watching!
6 -Any one particular venue you enjoyed performing at?
 6. We have only performed at small clubs, nothing ever that serious. I guess the venue we most enjoyed performing at would be the times square arts center. It's our first major performance where we got the most exposure, we had fun, and we hope that there is more to come.
7 -What inspired your most recent project that you have out?
 7. Our new project we just finished titled "sexxin On The Beach," got it's inspiration from just having fun on the beach and getting intimate with the person that you're into.
  8 -What are 3 words that describe you?
8. Motivated, Captivated and Determined 
9 -Do you have anyone you want to Shout Out or thank?
9. We would like to shout out to all of our family, friends and fans. These are all of the people who have stuck by our sides no matter what. They all know who they are.

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