Airalistic Records 2007-2008

Airalistic Records 2007-2008

Airalistic Records 2007-2008

Soul, Rap, Other
From: Charlotte, NC, United States

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First off my name is YOUNG LEGEND and well I've been writing lyrics since I was 7 yr's old,been doing performances since I was 12yr's old.I really owe all the thanks to my Mother for the support and blessing me with the good gene of writing and the drive and teaching me how  to come up with concepts for songs.Because there all life encounters and true stories about my life and things I encountered , and my beats are pretty much the same lifes feelings and you can pretty much tell what kind of mood I'm feeling. I put into it, I have alot a drive and determination mostly backed up frustration from what life brings.And my way of showing it is threw my music, for the fact that I am a living and breathing testiment of when life is jus all fuk'd up and you still smile and keep pushen forward.My music is made for all walks of life none are left out unless they choose to be,I'm as real as they don't come because I tell the truth and the whole truth,why hold anything back when you only gone live once, so why not go all out and go out with a bang in the process.I'm now 20yr's old and still writing and producing my own music,something that will never stop,for the simple fact that it's all I do and all I think off night and day, and day to night I sleep breathe eat and #### music all day it's jus been instilled in me like that.I'm pretty old skool but try to mix it with the new skool feel to it but it comes from me so it's not a repeat of what you already heard before, it's all original and like I said comes from the heart and soul, and like jeezy I love it. I sell beats as well as lyrics, and songs r&b, hiphop, ########, battle verses,and dj in my uncle's club a lil bit ain't that good but for the right price i can get ya #### spinnen in the club,and on the radio station live.I also do marketing myself and have a street team that's outta this world nasty when they hit the streets ya name get's out there and ppl kno who you are.I'm very business minded goal oriented and hold good leadership skills.Own my own label and two production teams and pretty much making all my dreams come true slowly but surely everything is about patience and how long you can wait to pop I don't worry bout that I jus do me and stay on my grind trying to make dreams real..     

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