Hip-Hop, Soul
From: miami, FL, United States

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Originally born in Detroit ,Mi Advice was a product of an entertainment gene that spans two generations . His grandmother was a singer but turned in her microphone to raise a family . His mother , (ROZ RYAN) , is known from Broadway to the big screen including 4 television shows , over 10 different feature films and world wide tours . But what about this man , "ADVICE"? Raised in South Dade County Florida . Instead of following his mothers path he chose his fathers which in retrospect ,was not the best of decisions . Advice managed to survive a flurry of bad choices unscaved and aquire himself a football scholarship to which he lost as a result of more bad choices that eventually resulted in his loss of freedom . Advice regained his freedom in 1996 tried school yet again but later realized that it was not for him . Always the writer , Advice made what began a future of consistent positive choices ......."WRITE MUSIC!!!". After that he tried his hand at vocalizing what he wrote and it worked rather well . Advice began performing at local talent shows in the Savannah Ga . area with no producer just instrumentals. It wasnt until his unforgettable display at "THE FROZEN PARADISE " a Savannah hot spot at the time , that Vice realized he was actually sufficient enough to serve in an artist capacity on an actual record label . Vice joined ,"C-PORT MUSIC " a small independent label in Savannah where he was the only artist . Under C-port , Vice completed an eight song Lp never titled or released and Opened for MASTER P and NO LIMIT RECORDS at the Savannah Civic Center in front of a crowd of 30,000 plus . After C-PORT fell apart , Vice relocated to Chicago and fumbled around a bit searching for a home. Advice then made one of the gutseist choices a man could make .........follow his heart and pursue his dream no matter what the cost or ridicule . He moved to Los Angeles where he joined up with the UNSIGNED INDEPENDENT LABEL "THE BLAZE1 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP " . Still an unsigned artist , and under no contract whatsoever , Advice , as a memeber of THE BLAZE1 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP ,completed two underground compilations entitled SMOKE SESSIONS VOLUMES ONE AND TWO and from 2006 to 2007 could be seen monthly performing at The Aura Nite Club in Studio City ,CA . Advice"s breakout club single called "MOVE" can be heard on the 2008 premiere of 'MAKING THE BAND 4 " !!! "i often wonder what will it take .....i have the talent and the smarts , i know the business (music) ......i dont care what nobody say ....I WILL NEVER QUIT!!!! TOO MUCH HAS BEEN SACRIFICED!!!!! TO QUIT NOW WOULD MEAN ALL THE PAIN WAS FOR NOTHING !!!! and that...... is just not an option!!!!!" ADVICE !!!!! YOU CAN SEE MORE ON ADVICE AND THE BLAZE1 ENTERTAINMENT GROUP BY GOING TO or or

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