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Chicago bred, Lyrically born, A.DubTheEngineer’s (aka Dub, or A-Dub) Music, similar to powerful artists such as Kanye West, Lupe Fiasco, and Talib Kweli, is the most all around influential of hip hop listeners today.

Real situations make real listeners, as described in the 2006 song “What Would Happen.” Never a fan of the “gangsta” side of hip hop, Dub’s, lyrics and songs represent more. Mostly described as a political rapper, or consequence rapper.

Previously known as Double A, A.DubTheEngineer started recorded in a basement in Vernon Hills, IL in 2004. Which came his first song ever recorded called “Hit Em Up!” Which sucked so bad, and stays unreleased until the time is right.

He has done a long list of performances and shows some of the following venues: Fat Mans’ Inn, Ann Arbor, MI, Chaser’s, Juss Jokin’, On Cue, College of Lake County, and shows throughout the Midwest, with the group and as well solo.

A.DubTheEngineer does not promote ways to destroy people and communities in many different “hip” punch lines. Double A, born Aaron Faucett, has been through both sides of life, poverty and, what some may say, wealthy. “I know what is like to not having to worry about money, I’ve been through those situations but I also know what it is like to have no money, having to work hard for the things that I wanted.” - A.DubTheEngineer.

After about 2 years of being solo & discovering himself & niche, The Engineer, decided to work with 2 other very talented individuals throughout the area, Big Maine & DVS. With all 3 heads together, the 2 formed ‘Every Aspect’ in 2006, at his [placedformed]Vernon Hills, IL[/placeformed] studio, entitled Double A Studios. Once together they recorded and endless about of songs and put out one album entitled, “Every Aspect”

A.DubTheEngineer feels that there are many good things in life and there are many bad, and hip hop demonstrates many of the bad as the good, and Dub feels that hip hop needs an “extreme makeover and back to the ways that make you want to have fun and not want to go hurt someone.” Such as songs like “Just Do You” which sings about being yourself, and mastering yourself.

A.Dub has accomplished 3 solo albums and released the most recent one “2 Separate Fingaz,” which meaning peace in the physical and visual world. It features songs such as “What Would Happen” that speaks about A.Dub’s life if it would have been done different. Also songs that deal with Katrina, and the current War. Double A is a true entrepreneur. At the age of 18, he owned his first production and recording studio in his house. He never felt a “reason to pay for something that you could do yourself,” so he started engineering and producing music for upcoming artist around the Chicago area, as well as his own.

Also, he has worked with talent singer Smoke Mr 313. He has collaborated on some hot songs such as, “I’m Running,” “I’m Ballin’,” & “The D” all available on last.fm, or his official website. Look out for Smoke Mr 313 next big project!

Updates, news, & free tracks can be downloaded at their official website, www.DoubleAStudios.com.

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