Adam Strife

Adam Strife

Adam Strife

Hip-Hop, Rap, Hardcore
From: Queens, NY, United States

About Artist

His understanding of the culture makes him the future of hip-hop. While his passion for the music gives him an old school edge lost by most rappers of today. “I’m more than just a rapper, I’m an artist” Strife has come a long way from the nine year old boy running behind his two elder sisters. His first rap was about “Richard Pryor on fire” and “Mr. Phirly scared stupid” we have watched him grow into a young man ready to tackle real issues that people young, old, white, and black must face. “I don’t like sitting down to write a song and saying it would be hot if I did this or that. I try ta just let it flow.”

Growing up in Queens, NY Strife was exposed to the harsh realities of the world early on. “By the time I was 12 I only watched the news to make myself feel better. It made me realize it could be a lot worse but, it also made me a little more defiant” Although his grades didn’t show it Strife was reading a lot of material above his grade level. Of all the books Strife had read, comic books held their position as his favorite through out the years. “They had real personalities, more so than half the people I knew!” At age 15 he was already cutting school to spend the day with his friends. It puzzled his teachers how he could be out of school for days at a time and still do well on tests. This made him more reluctant to attend.

It was as a freshmen at Humanities and The Arts Campus Magnet High School, formerly known as Andrew Jackson, where he began to write rhymes again.“It was the norm. Everybody tried spitting at that age, only those who love it can make it their life.” Starting to write again unleashed a world wind of thoughts in Strife. He began to feel a power grow within him. “I started thinking about how good it felt to meet LL Cool J when I was 4 and how it made me feel when I heard Tupac’s “Trapped” for the first time. It was like a voice saying it could happen for me.” The young man known then as Kenneth Campbell began calling himself Adam Strife and the rest is on wax.

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