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My name is ad im from the qc. i was born in new london conn sept 27 1988. I started noticing music when i was 8 and tryed to rap when i was 11. My rhymes didnt make since till i turned 15. Through the years i have wrote songs about every day things and things that happen in my life. Im not like other rappers and i aint takin no stabs at any body some music sound the same except 4 my music. i gota b differnt thats the only way you stand out. Your not gona get famous actin like jayz,wayne,nas. I was looking for a record deal but then me my homeboy mrwest aka terry, my brother created trinity ent. so we thought about and we was like lets go for disturbiton deal because you get screwed on record deals look at tlc when they first got signed they sold 10 milllion records but wuz geting 15cents a record so do the math. Record labels holla at trinity ent. 

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