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WHATS GOOD FOOL!!!, Im Aceman, im 25 years old, im from New Rochelle NY, i love rapping, skateboarding all the time, mary jane, vaginas and i have a style that not many people have (that means im pretty dope). Most niggas today are like the biggest posers ever and i feel like hip hop needs someone real! I don't give a fuck about anything any haters have to say, as long as i can do me. My music is part of what i like to call the Urban Nerd Underground Movement, we promote L.S.D. or losers still dominate if you will. The true underdogs and outcasts, the nerds, losers and skaters who remember how lame people said we were coming up but now wanna jump on board. Im not Pharrell, im not Lil Wayne, im the one and only Ace, like 51 cards missing!!! and im here to fuck shit up!!!!!!!!!

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