ACA Wun Nation

ACA Wun Nation

ACA Wun Nation

Reggae, Hip-Hop, Techno
From: Coram, NY, United States

Band Members

  • Major - Producer/Song-Writer/Engineer/Haitian Artist
  • SRG - Jamaican Artist
  • BAW - Haitian Artist

About Band

ACA Wun Nation. ACA standing for American Caribbean Alliance, is all about Island/American Unity. Combining different styles and genres from Reggae, Kompa, and Soca, to Techno, Pop, Hip-Hop, creating a new and refreshing sound, that all audiences can appreciate. The group consists of SRG (Jamaican Artist), BAW (Haitian artist), and Major (Produced/Song-Writer/Engineer/Haitian Artist). The group was created by producer Major AfektZ around March of 2011. He wanted to create music that combined genres such as Reggae, Kompa, and Soca with mainstream American sounds such as Techno, Pop, and Hip-Hop. Having worked with Jamaican artist SRG in the past, he knew he would be the perfect candidate to bring that Reggae sound to the music. SRG had proven to be one the best up and coming Jamaican artists in NY, and there was no doubt he would have what it takes to capture all fans of Reggae. Major then reached out to BAW, an already close friend of his, who he knew would be a perfect fit, to bring that Haitian sound to the music. BAW already having experience as an Artist in Haiti, he knew what it took to represent for his people. Rapping in Creole and English, Baw quickly gains attention and respect from the Haitian community. Major also wanted to be a part of this group himself, becoming the third artist, Born in Haiti and coming to America at the young age of five, Major represents the more Americanized Haitian. Together all three combine to create a truly remarkable sound, like nothing heard before. The Group will soon make a huge entrance in the music industry, and start a movement like no other. Uniting the People as Wun.

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